When to Seek Marriage Counseling?

When to Seek Marriage Counseling 

While marriage has its beautiful and happy memories, there will also be those times of struggle when you may feel it’s time to enlist in professional marriage counseling. This isn’t uncommon and you shouldn’t feel alone. Couples therapy addresses those issues that can put a strain on your relationship and helps you resolve them in a healthy way. Here are times when you should seek marriage counseling to improve the life of you and your spouse. 

When You Aren’t Communicating Anymore

There are many communication problems that people go through that cause them to get involved in marriage counseling. At times, there is no communication at all and both people will go through periods of silence. Other times, you and your spouse will be talking, but it will always be in a negative way towards each other. Also, if you’re afraid to express your feelings about the bigger issues such as your sex life or how to discipline children, then it’s time to find out what couples therapy can do for you. 

When You or Your Spouse Is Unfaithful

Being unfaithful comes in more ways than just cheating on your partner with another person. If you lie about things such as your financial history, it can be just as detrimental to your relationship. Marriage counseling will help open up the dialogue so you can get past thoughts of being unfaithful or those times that you haven’t opened up and been honest. 

When Your Lives Are Separate 

If you feel that you and your spouse are more like roommates versus a married couple, then seek out couples therapy. You should be doing more than co-existing together, but living your lives together. Marriage counseling will guide you through the healthy ways to deal with these issues and beyond so that you can make the most of your time together. 

Teen Counseling

Let’s face it – being a teen can be a very difficult part of life. And when you notice that the teenager in your life is struggling through their days then it’s time to get help. Teen counseling is an excellent way to help your family get along and get everyone communicating again. Don’t just wait for them to grow out of this phase in their lives, but make sure it’s a positive time they can reflect on in the future. You want your kids to be able to handle whatever comes their way, and with teen counseling, you’ll be giving them the tools to make the best of their days.

Building Confidence and Social Skills

Confidence is crucial for your teenager because it gives them the courage to say no to peer pressure and be okay with themselves even when they’re aren’t part of the “in crowd.” You want your teenager to be confident when it comes to their body image, intelligence, and much more, and teenage counseling is here to help with that.

Your teen will also gain an understanding of positive social skills that will benefit them in the future. It’s important that they know how to act properly in certain settings, the appropriate way to treat people, and how to break out of their shell to make new friends. This information will benefit them throughout adulthood.

Creating Good Habits and Attitudes

It takes time to create good habits and attitudes, and we work with teens to begin the process. Teenage counseling uses proven methods that will guide kids towards making the best decisions when it comes to studying, practicing extracurricular activities, and beyond. We know that when you have a child who is depressed or suffering from other adolescent issues, you’ll need guidance and here at Coppell Family Therapy, we have your family’s best interest at heart.

How Psychotherapy Can Help You Overcome Mental Disorders

How Psychotherapy Can Help You Overcome Mental Disorders

When you’re facing a tough mental situation, it can be hard to overcome it on your own. A therapist can help you process your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a constructive manner and in a safe environment. A therapist is able to help you uncover issues you may not even be aware so that you can work through them with the therapist.

If you’re facing a mental struggle, contact a therapist today to learn more about psychotherapy and how it can help you overcome your mental struggles.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a methodology of treating a mental order through the use of psychological means rather than medical means. Psychotherapy is another type of treatment that may be recommended by your medical professional to help with mental situations, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

How Does Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy is also known as “talk therapy” because you are essentially talking through your struggles. However, psychotherapy is not simply “talking.” Psychotherapy involves carefully curated questions and strategies by the therapist based on discoveries he or she will find based on your responses and reactions to questions, your own answers, and how you react to both. What Can Psychotherapy Help With?

Psychotherapy can help a variety of mental and internal struggles that you’re facing. Psychotherapy is often the treatment provided by medical doctors where physical therapy or medication can’t help or fix the problem on its own. Psychotherapy may be combined strategically with other treatment options, including medicine.

A psychotherapist can help with the following and more:

  • Fully understanding the mental disorder, illness or condition you are facing.
  • Help you develop goals to overcome your illness and reach positivity-oriented checkpoints in your recovery.
  • Assist with overcoming anxieties and fears you are facing. Cope with extreme experiences from your past that may be traumatic.
  • Clearly define your true personality, separated from moods and mannerisms established by your illness.
  • Establish routines and practices you can rely on when alone.
  • And more.

Your therapist will work with you to curate a unique and independent therapy solution specifically for you.

Contact us today at Coppell Family Therapy to learn more about how psychotherapy can help you overcome mental struggles and disorders.

5 Benefits of Youth and Family Counseling

When you decide to enlist the ones you love in youth and family counseling, you may find that some members will push back or feel that they don’t need it. However, there are many benefits that they should be aware of before turning away from the idea of counseling. Here are just a few of the advantages that youth and family counseling has to offer and how you can get started.

#1: It opens you up to honesty.

When you have someone in your family who loses his temper quickly or cuts off all communications in a heartbeat, it can create barriers that are hard to break through. Youth and family counseling will work to get to the root of the problem rather than just beating around the bush about the issue at hand.

#2: It promotes self-worth.

Our own self-worth can make a huge difference in how we treat the people we love. When you take the time to be part of youth and family counseling, then you'll learn about the importance of self-worth and how to improve it for the members of your family. You might not even realize what an impact self-worth makes until you acknowledge and address it.

#3. You learn how to deal with anger.

Many people don't know how to handle their tempers and feelings of anger and often deal with it by saying the most harmful and hurtful words to those they love. When this becomes an issue, it should not be ignored. Youth and family counseling will allow everyone to discuss these feelings of anger and provide you with the proper ways to cope and handle them, rather than just to lash out.

#4: It brings your family closer together.

When you take the time to spend a specific amount of time with your family, you'll notice that you become closer and stronger as a unit. For every day that you ignore the issues, you'll feel people pulling away more and more, but when you accept each other and address your situation, you'll find that you start coming together more willingly and with much more happiness. 

#5: You’ll have a plan of action.

When you try on your own to correct issues your family is having, you might not know where to start. Just saying that you're going to treat each other with more respect won't necessarily get the job done. You need a plan of action, and youth and family counseling will give you just that.

Help is closer than you realize when you want to bring your family together. Call Coppell Family Therapy today and let us get you started on your journey to a positive and loving family that takes time for and care of each other.