Couples Therapy: Dallas Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

Healthy communication is key to a happy relationship, whether you are recently engaged or have been married for many years. Sometimes the daily demands and struggles of life can make it hard to effectively connect with your partner, and it can be beneficial to seek help in achieving it. A couples therapy counselor can help your relationship to grow the strong roots that bond you together and keep your relationship strong for years to come with couples therapy. Dallas has had many successful cases of couples strengthening their relationship and improving their communication skills.

Read below for more ways on how couples therapy can help your relationship.

Quality of communication can make the difference between marriage and divorce. The ability to connect with your spouse or partner is the most fundamental building block of a healthy marriage. Without this foundation, a relationship can crumble and fail. A marriage counselor can help you to understand why communication is so vital to a partnership, and the many ways you can improve your level of connection. By going through couples therapy, Dallas marriages have been saved from divorce and now lead healthy, happy relationships.

Each person in a marriage has his or her own issues. Each person that enters into a marriage is each bringing his or her own experiences, personal issues, and insecurities. A bonded relationship like marriage requires both persons to join together as one and handle situations together, and that is how counseling can help, specifically couples therapy. Dallas specialists can help couples adjust to married life and identify any current issues in order to find a solution that works for both spouses.

Through therapy, couples learn about the destructive forms of communication and how to avoid them. Each person in a marriage can learn about the destructive ways miscommunication can affect a relationship, as well as how to solve issues and heal together. Couples learn about the creative resources that can be used to grow strength and trust in their relationship, while facing the challenges of life that inevitably come along. A counselor will teach a couple how to truly listen to each other, as well as the importance of displaying that level of respect. Spouses will leave a couples therapist with the knowledge of how to work together towards a common goal.

A couples counselor can teach a couple that listening to each other, supporting each other, and sharing the goal of a happy marriage is the most important way to build a strong relationship that can’t be broken. If you or a loved one is dealing with marital issues, be sure to advise them to seek couples therapy. Dallas is a great place to look for trustworthy counselors to provide a safe atmosphere and truly amazing results.

3 Reasons to Look Into Family Counseling

Issues in a family are often left untold and unseen. Many people, both children and adults alike, go many years suffering from low self-esteem, anger, and sadness due to unresolved problems in a household. These issues are often complex and involve more than one person, and putting off treatment can make it more difficult to improve and heal. As a parent, if you can tell there are any unusual behaviors in your family, or a child seems to be struggling with school or socializing, it is smart to schedule an appointment for family counseling. Dallas is home to many qualified counselors, and they can help your family create the strong bonds and healthy relationships you need for a happy home life.

Read on for 3 reasons why it is beneficial to look into family counseling. Dallas / Fort Worth therapists are eager to help you and your family, regardless of your situation.

Problems between Parents Affect the Family as a Whole

When parents are struggling through turmoil, constantly arguing, and even contemplating divorce, it is easily visible to the entire family. Children can tell when their parents are hostile or passive aggressive toward each other, and it can create depression, anger, and self-esteem issues within the child. A family counseling, Dallas professional can offer more than just counseling for children, but they can also provide marital counseling for parents alone, as well as combined therapy for the entire family. By finding the source of the issues in each individual, a counselor can target particular problems and create a customized plan to bring the family together as a whole.

More Than One Problem Can Exist at One Time

In a family with more than one child, you often have multiple issues surfacing due to differences in age and life stages. While one child may be experiencing puberty and dealing with depression-related symptoms, another child may be suffering from anger issues, while the parents are dealing with tough times of their own. A professional therapist can help tremendously to take an individualized look into each child’s situation, help them by themselves, as well as provide group sessions to unite everyone together and build communication through family counseling. Dallas has many great family counselors that have helped many families build trust and love back into their lives.

Family Counselors Have Training in Handling All Family Dynamics

A family counselor in Dallas has the experience and specialized training in every situation that arises in family life. They can provide therapy for married couples, individual sessions for adults and children, as well as group counseling for an entire family. They have undergone significant psychological training to understand what causes certain issues and how they can effectively be improved. A counselor provides an unbiased and gentle atmosphere, making it much easier for patients to open up and dive into the issues they’re struggling with.

As your family grows and life makes it easier for you to split in separate directions, be sure to check out family counseling. Dallas has many reputable counselors to suit any circumstance and situation.

Mr. & Mrs. "Just Not Feeling It"

According to a recent article at PsychCentral, the most difficult couples to work with in couples' therapy is "Mr. & Mrs. Just Not Feelin' It".  This is the the couple that are technically still married, yet they are functionally divorced.  Oftentimes you'll find couples like these being non-sexual towards one other and even sleeping in separate quarters. Though these couples are living in a cold, distant, and loveless relationship, many times they can "fake it" and endure to a degree that their children, friends, and extended family have no idea of their despair.

Though such a couple can present several challenges to the therapist, a skiled and caring couples' counselor will be able to deconstruct their arguments, posturing, and reticence to help guide them towards a mutual appreciation and a robust relationship.

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Counselors Say Men Are More Willing to Try Couples Therapy When It Focuses on Results

A recent article published online by The Wall Street Journal addresses the problems that many women have when it comes to seeking help in their marriage or dating relationships.  The problem... Many times men refuse to go.  However, new research seems to indicate men are far more likely to participate in couple's therapy if the counseling is more oriented around practical solutions and measurable outcomes, rather than the discussion of his feelings or emotions.

"I don't want to pick on women—they are usually hurt because they want the connection—but the way they try to get their husband to open up is by shaming him, which never works." - Psychologist Gary Brooks, Author of "Beyond the Crisis of Masculinity"

This approach to couple's therapy attempts to circumnavigate the age-old stereotype about men and their reluctance to open up and talk about their feelings.  Furthermore, it seeks to get to the heart of men by tapping into the innate desire that many many have to be solutions-oriented and to see tangible results.

Source: Read the entire article at The Wall Street Journal